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FUNtastic Phonics - Level 1

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                                                We Use Scientifically Proven Methods

  Decades of scientific research have proven that Phonemic Awareness (PA) and Synthetic Phonics are by far the most effective methods for teaching children of ALL ages to read.

Reading is taught worldwide, and so many courses overlook nurturing a child's PA. this is a critical component of their reading foundation and journey to learning the English language effectively and efficiently.


                                                       What is Phonemic Awareness?

  Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and work with the English language's phonemes.

  Sadly, most schools do not teach phonemic awareness to help a child develop their reading skills. And when a school does tackle teaching PA, they only teach piecemeal phonics without a logical and coherent curriculum.

                                                      Why is our approach different?

  At Fun To Learn, we take the foundation of PA and naturally increase your child's learning skills by blending Synthetic Phonics into our teaching methodology.

  This combination of Synthetic Phonics and Phonemic Awareness delivers incredible results in the speed at which your child reads while fully understanding every word.


  We help every student develop a solid foundation in phonetic reading while consistently building their reading skills until they become fluent readers. With our revolutionary approach, you will see a fantastic transition from your child being a non-reader to a fluent phonetic reader, phonetic speller, and eventually to a conventional speller in little time at all.


  We include Phonemic Awareness Activities and Games in this program designed to make your child's entire learning process fun and entertaining.


Want to know more details about our methodology? Just read below.

Understanding the sounds in words is essential for developing readers and writers. When students understand that words are made up of sounds, they can express themselves better through their reading and writing. Through our FUNtastic Phonics Level 1 program, students will learn the sounds that each letter makes and explore how letters and sounds work. They will learn to recognise the letters of the alphabet, and learn how to hear the individual sounds in a word. When they put these two things together, by matching letters with their sounds, they’re learning phonics. We use our own PowerPoint presentations and flashcards to help children recognise the sound of the letters easily, in a fun way.


Our Class Routine:

-       In the first 5 minutes, children greet one another as well as the teacher and get ready for the lesson.

-       From the 5th to 25th minute: Circle time starts with a revision of all the previous sounds. Students will focus on learning a new letter sound and words that begin with that letter.

-       From the 25th to 50th minute: Our booklets will help them learn each letter sound and new vocabulary by tracing, matching and colouring.

-       From the 50th to 75th minute: It’s time for fun activities and songs. Our teachers will reward our students by giving them smiley faces and stickers according to their performance at the end of their lessons.


Fun, Interactive Activities:

-       Flashcards,

-       Guess the letter sounds,

-       Hammer game,

-       Puzzles.


Main Features of the Course:

-       Recognising all the letter sounds, including the vowels,

-        Exploring how letters and sounds work,

-       Writing the letters in both uppercase and lowercase,

-       Learning new vocabulary.

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