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Fun To Learn English Learning Centre


What English difficulties are your children facing?

Do you struggle with how and where to fit your child's new-found passion for learning English in the right English curriculum/program?

Are your children unable to read or pronounce English words, or even worse, do they have a phobia for learning the English Language?

Do you feel that your child’s performance is a tad lower than the other classmates?

Is your kid getting frustrated as a result?

Do you wish to see an improvement in your child’s English?

Well, you have come to the right place!

We are here to improve your children's fluency in English!

As parents, we know and understand the kinds of struggles that you may find on this tremendous path of teaching your child a second language.

Parents' Testimonials

Choi Po

"Fun to Learn 的確係令小朋友開心學到英語的好地方,課程設計讓小朋友輕鬆地掌握英語,並按小朋友能力來教導,每次上堂我的女兒都係充滿期待,放學又唔捨得走的!
除此之外,Ms Michelle 還給予很多有用的建議及方向,令我更加有信心去交扥他們,真係好多謝Ms Michelle & Mr V 的用心教導。"

Sandy Fung

"Marcus 係2015年5月23日第一次接觸fun to learn,不經不覺原來已在這裡學英文差不多已2年了⋯⋯這段時間Marcus真的進步了很多很多,由原本聽、讀、寫都唔多ok,到現在仲識得教番我英文,小一英文成績亦十分理想,我真的衷心感謝Michelle及Mr V.的悉心教導,亦很感恩讓我預到一間很有愛心及很好的英文學校."

Agnes Chung

"不知不覺 Mikayla 在 Fun to Learn 學習英語已有3年了。記得剛開始認識Fun to Learn時,Mikayla只有K1,個子小小的她總是對自己沒有太大的自信心。經過這三年的學習,Mikayla 不但變得非常主動學習英語,還經常在家庭聚會中主動教表弟妹英語呢。看到Mikayla有如此大的轉變,實在要感謝Fun to Learn的每一位老師,特別是Ms. Michelle 和 Mr. V,非常感謝他們的對孩子的愛和用心。Fun to Learn 確實是一個充滿愛和正能量的大家庭,願Mikayla 能繼續在這大家庭中茁壯成長"

At Fun To Learn English Learning Centre, your children will be immersed into an English-ONLY environment where we make them fall in love with learning English. This is, what we consider to be, the key and hallmark of learning this universal language.


We believe that we have the power to transform your child from:

“scared of learning English” to the stage of “falling in love with learning English”;  “not able to speak in English”  to “speaking English with confidence”; “poor English results at School”  to “having visible better results at School”.


Our wealth of experience and studies garnered in this industry has made us able to help local students, mainly from Sheung Shui and Fanling. We have also recorded high success with students from Tai Po, Yuen Long, Tuen Mun, Sha Tin, Ma On Shan and even from Shenzhen.


By following our 3-step actionable “Master English With Confidence” Plan, your child will be put in the most suitable class for his/her own individual needs.

In our Material Pack, you will find one worksheet for each School Year.

From K1 to K3, you can test out our own materials from our “English FUNdation” program. From P1 to P5, you can test your child grammar skills with our standard test papers.

And you can use one worksheet for each Phonics level from our

"FUNtastic Phonics" program.

What's more, on our blog there is a short tutorial on how to help your child in this new and exciting adventure of learning English.

As teachers, we work hand in hand with our children's parents in achieving the best and most outstanding results in English fluency.

Mr. V & Ms. Michelle

At Fun To Learn English, we believe that children learn far better while they are having fun. When we first started teaching English in Hong Kong, we found that the school systems here were quite boring! The traditional ways of teaching English makes learning even more boring! That's why we decided to create Fun To Learn. With Fun To Learn, we hope and strive to tell the world that learning English can be really FUN!



Fun To Learn's mission is to develop in your child a love for English and positive attitudes towards language learning. Teachers with passion inspire students. They get students interested and even excited about what they are learning. As Fun To Learn teachers, we always find a way to get more interested in what we are teaching and to make things more interesting for our students. Helping kids learn English at Fun To Learn requires a little more work, a little more imagination, and maybe even a little acting ability. Our teachers are the best at making English learning interesting and exciting.


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