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Creative Writing in English

written by students from Fun To Learn

Our students created a vast array of stories as part of their course. Grammar & Writing is very suitable for primary students.  And for our K3 students, they get to learn how to express themselves in written English during their Pre-Primary Grammar & Writing lessons as part of our English FUNdation Level 3 programme.
As their teachers, we hope their creativity inspires you.


I have two cars.

I have two balls.

The orange ball is bigger.

The football is black and white.

They are beautiful.

The big car is colourful.

The smaller car is pink.

They are fast.

I like my balls.

I like my cars, too.


Once upon a time, there was a girl at home.

Her name was Fiona. She played computer games in her room. Suddenly, her body got into the computer. She was very scared because there were a lot of zombies in the game. Then, she found some rocks in a cave. She built a powerful sword with them. She ran out of the cave and fought. She killed twenty zombies and finally she was back into the reality.

Very Creative!

english teacher.jpg

This is Michelle.

Her hair is long.

Her dress is pink.

Her shoes are purple.

Her glasses are black.

Her bracelet is green.

Her earrings are white.

She is my English teacher.


Anger & Joy

I like Anger and Joy.

Anger likes being angry and shouting at others.

Joy does not like crying or being sad.

She likes laughing and smiling.

Use the connectives “First, Then, Next, At last to complete the writing in about 40 words and in paragraphs.

The meanies came to Fun To Learn one day. First, they went to play with the toys. Next, they ate all the pens in the classroom. Then, they ate all the teachers. At last, they ate all the students too. The parents did not like the meanies because they were naughty.

                                                 An email to my pal

Dear Ken,

How are you?

I want to tell you about my friend, Tinny. She is my classmate. She is nine years old. She is thin and tall. She has long hair. She is helpful too. All the classmates like her very much. I love her too. She always watches TV in her spare time. She also plays ball games in her spare time too! She always watches TV with me on Mondays. She sometimes plays ball games with her brother every day too!

  Sometimes, I visit Tinny on Sundays. We watch TV together. She likes watching cartoons and she likes watching pop music too. She thinks they’re interesting and she wants to see the famous singers. She doesn’t like watching cookery programmes. She thinks they’re silly. I like watching cartoons but I don’t like cookery programmes because they’re silly. We don’t like the same things. Please write soon.




My elder sister

   My elder sister’s name is YoYo. She is twelve years old. She is studying in Primary 6. We go to the same school together.

When my sister was two years old, she couldn’t wash her face and brush her teeth. She made the washroom flood. Mum and Dad were angry with her.

  When my sister was seven years old, she could ride a bike by herself. She felt wonderful but tired. Dad was so happy and excited.

  Now my sister can do many things. She can do her homework and wash her face by herself. She studies hard. She is excited when she gets good grades. Mum and Dad feel happy for her!

However, she still can’t tie her shoelaces by herself. She is a good girl. I want to be a good girl too. I love her very much!


I have a toy.

It is a monster truck.

It is blue and green.

It is lovely and fast.

It has big wheels.

I like playing with my monster truck.

Oh! It is on top of the box.


Writing Practice & Drawing

Look at my colourful bedroom.

The television is near the bed.

The candle is on the bedside table.

There is a ball in the toy box.

The pencil is under the desk.

The rabbits are all over my room!

I am sleeping in the bed.


Writing Practice & Drawing

What can you see?

I can see a girl.

I can see two apples.

I can see three cars.

I can see four strawberries.

I can see five rabbits.

I can see six oranges.

I can see many things.


Writing Practice & Drawing

This is my father.

He is happy.

This is my mother.

She is tall and fat.

I am cute and tall.

This is Seeing. She is my sister.

We are a happy family.


Writing Practice

Draw you and your best friend.

I am Thomas.

I am five years old.

I am tall.

You are my best friend.

You are excellent.

I can see a duck.

It is green and brown.


Writing Practice

The ball is on the table.

The teddy bear is on the table.

The egg is on the table.

The toy rabbit is in the box.

The flower is in the box.

The toy pig is in the box.

The toy penguin is in the box.


Writing Practice

I like the zoo.

The zoo is big.

I see a zebra.

It is beautiful.

I see an elephant.

It is cute.

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