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English FUNdation Level 1 
Get the Right Start

From Alison & Gordan's Mama 用心有愛的英語教育機構,
Fun To Learn 除了是一個教授知識的地方,更是一個充滿關懷和歡笑的地方

English FUNdation is an all-rounded program that has been specially created by Fun To Learn. Instead of just playing loads of internet videos like other centres, we use our own interactive PPT and activities which have been professionally created by our founders during circle time.

English FUNdation covers and consolidates all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Generally, primary schools expect children to enter with the proficiency and knowledge of reading and spelling simple English words (vocabulary) and constructing simple sentences (grammar).

At Fun To Learn, building a close teacher-student relationship is one of our main goals. We believe that the strength of our student relationships makes the difference in translating our passion for teaching into their passion for learning.

Want to know more details about the methodology? Just read below.

  Students will learn how to work with other children in a classroom environment while learning to share and take turns. Children will be able to learn words and sentences that will help them express themselves confidently.

  Our courses adopt play and theme-based learning approaches that encourage each child’s curiosity and desire to learn.

Our Class Routine:

  • In the first 5 minutes, children greet one another as well as the teacher and get ready for the lesson.

  • From the 5th to 25th minute: During this time, students will learn new vocabulary based on a certain theme and engage in our interactive designed materials which we like to call circle time.

  • From the 25th to 50th minute: Students will practice the new vocabulary by colouring, tracing, matching images with words, repeating sounds, words and even sentences based on our respective theme.

  • From the 50th to 75th minute: The children will be engaged in fun activities based on that lesson’s theme, such as flashcard games, reading story books and singing songs.

Main Features of the Course:

  • Communication,

  • Creativity,

  • Work on the children’s motor skills to prepare for handwriting practice,

  • Focus on social and emotional skills,

  • Learning vocabulary through different themes,

  • Introducing the Phonemic Awareness (PA),

  • Improving listening skills.

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