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Funtastic Phonics Level 4 - Digraphs

Fun To Learn is a reliable centre, where

   In level 4, students will be taught about consonant digraphs as the last part of their phonics learning journey. A digraph is two letters combined to make a single sound in written or spoken English.

   There are consonant digraphs and vowel digraphs. In level 3, children learnt about vowel digraphs, it’s time to move forward to the consonant vowels. Here are a few examples: sh, wh, ng, th, fl, sw and ph.

   This is the time that children really grow as readers. They strengthen their basic phonics skills and learn more advanced ones for tackling harder words. Your child will learn to break longer words into small parts, like syllables, prefixes and suffixes.

   Our FUNtastic Phonics program will transform your child from a struggling reader into a confident reader.

  Our Class Routine:

-       In the first 5 minutes, children greet one another as well as the teacher and get ready for the lesson.

-       From the 5th to 30th minute: During circle time, children will focus on learning new sounds and practice reading with phonics and different activities.

-       From the 30th to 55th minute: Our booklets will help students practice their reading, blending and spelling skills.

-       From the 55th to 75th minute: It’s time for more fun activities and revision. Our teachers will reward our students by giving them smiley faces and stickers according to their performance at the end of their lessons.

Fun, Interactive Activities:

-       Tic-tac-toe,

-       Hangman,

-       Hammer game,

-       Flashcards,

-       Reading Practice.


Main Features of the Course:

-        Learning both consonant digraphs and vowel digraphs,

-       Reading and spelling,

-       Learning through fun games and activities.

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